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Using Python and DialogFlow to Create a Chatbot

Python and DialogFlow are a great choices to create chatbots. However, they can be pretty tricky to use as the documentation isn't great. This is my attempt to document some of it better as I go through the process, mainly so I have a reference of my own to refer back to. Hopefully others find it helpful as well!

Python and DialogFlow Chatbot Articles

How to Turn on the Webhook for a Specific Intent Using the Python Client

It's possible to turn on the webhook for a DialogFlow Intent when you create or update it using the python client api.

How I'm Using It

Here is my setup for how I'm using python to make a chatbot with 1) Managing the DialogFlow Agent and 2) Providing Fulfillment to DialogFlow.

How to Add Entities to an EntityType in DialogFlow Using Python

Using python to add and update entities in dialogflow is pretty easy once you know the steps to do it. Here is everything you need.

How to Set Up Custom Payload Responses in DialogFlow Intents via the API

Using custom payloads in your Facebook messenger responses can be a very powerful way to extend DialogFlow, especially when you create them dynamically with the python api.

How to Create DialogFlow Intents with the Python API

Intents are the lifeblood of DialogFlow, and they are pretty easy to create using the python api. Here are some examples to get you started.

How to Delete DialogFlow Intents Using the Python Library

There are two ways to delete an intent in python using the DialogFlow Python Client. You can delete them singularly, or you can batch delete them.

How to Get Intents Using the Python DialogFlow Client

Here is how you can get the name, display name, and uuid for intents in DialogFlow using python.

How Primobot Chatbot is Structured with Client and DialogFlow Handling

I've been implementing a chatbot using Python to manage the backend and DialogFlow to handle the natural language processing. Trying to learn python and DialogFlow at the same time has definitely been a challenge.

Other How to Build a Chatbot Articles

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